Eve of the Pharaoh

Era of Shadows Series: Book One

A historical adventure and mystery chronicling the lives of a modern-day student and an ancient Egyptian youth. In order to survive, they must choose between life, love, and the revealing of secrets from the ages.



Eve of the Pharaoh

Fast-Paced Adventure

…[A] fast-paced adventure filled with loveable characters, spine-tingling mysteries, and a hint of the fantastical.

– Samuel E. Green, author of The Vagrant Souls series –



Lost story of the pharaohs

…[T]hrill(s), original twists, mystery, terror, and tension … [U]nravel (a) true, lost story of the pharaohs… I loved it!

– Rowena Whaling, author of Voices of the Stars



History and Magic

…[D]eftly written adventure … incorporates archaeology, history and magic … engag[ing] from the very first page…

– Steve Alcorn, author of Everything In It’s Path