Eve of the Pharaoh


Eve of the Pharaoh


The legendary Hall of Records waits, undiscovered since ancient Egypt …

Young Gavin Caywood’s afflicted life has never involved deciphering illusions concealed in shadow and light, unearthing the dead, or exhuming sunken tombs in crocodile-infested waters. Yet Gavin often dreams of what could have been—if only a consuming disease didn’t restrict his aspirations. Instead, fear caused him to pursue what others deemed appropriate, and he committed an unforgivable mistake. But after receiving a letter from his deceased father, Gavin needs to escape.

Young Heb from ancient Egypt also desires to alter fate. He inspires Gavin through a lost tale that spans eons and cultures, weaving their lives together. Frightening enemies, magic, unexpected friendship, betrayal, love, and death emerge at every turn. But if either of them are to survive, they must choose between life, love, and the revealing of secrets from the ages.



Eve of the Pharaoh

A very unique approach

[G]reat blend of mystery, suspense, horror and fantasy. The dual stories … is a very unique approach and cleverly shows differences and even unexpected similarities, in the cultures and our perceptions over the passage of time.

– 5 Star Review –



Unexpected turns

Enthrall[ing,] action-packed … vivid scenery, complicated characters, and unexpected turns that erupt around an ancient mystery …

– Jennifer Anne Davis, author of The True Reign Series