Eve of the Pharaoh

“… [A] fast-paced adventure filled with loveable characters, spine-tingling mysteries, and a hint of the fantastical.”

—Samuel E. Green, author of the Vagrant Souls series

“… [T]hrill(s), original twists, mystery, terror, and tension … [U]nravel (a) true, lost story of the pharaohs … I loved it!”
—Rowena Whaling, author of Voices of the Stars

“… [D]eftly written adventure … incorporates archaeology, history and magic … engag[ing] from the very first page …”
Steve Alcorn, author of Everything in its Path

“Enthrall[ing,] action-packed … vivid scenery, complicated characters, and unexpected turns that erupt around an ancient mystery …”
—Jennifer Anne Davis, author of The True Reign Series

“Rich and vivid imagery … sucks you in …”
—Barbara Kloss, author of the Pandoran Series

“[G]reat blend of mystery, suspense, horror and fantasy. The dual stories … is a very unique approach and cleverly shows differences and even unexpected similarities, in the cultures and our perceptions over the passage of time.”
—5-Star Review

“[T]he magic of ancient Egypt … intertwined with a modern tale of … self exploration and discovery. [I]mmersed in a world … where magic and reality blend together. [T]hinking long after I’d read the book. I recommend it to anyone seeking an adventure!”
—5-Star Review

“[T]he thing I liked the most … are the characters … caring about what they were struggling through.”
—5-Star Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed the antagonist character of Akhenaten, someone that you love to hate, much like I did with Joffrey and Ramsey in Game of Thrones…”
—5-Star Review